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Our Story

Colores Latinos TV (CLTV),  started from the need of educate and inform the Hispanic communities around New England about Health, Resources, Public Education and bring our reach culture from local and international events.


Educating the community and exploring the richness of the Latino culture are the goals that have captivated Nancy Peña, a journalist, public relations professional and health and wellness educator. Her passion has led her to create CLTV. 


After a decade working in the healthcare field, educating patients of varying socio-economic levels and aiding them in navigating the U.S. healthcare system, Nancy decided she could do more. Her healthcare experience was the impetus for the creation of this television program.


“It’s vitally important that we inform our communities how to navigate the healthcare system, help them understand the treatment options available once a diagnosis is made, teach the workings of large hospitals, as well as explain how health insurance plans work”.

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