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CLTV works with local doctor, health departments, 

public and private sectors, artists and the community en general. 


Thanks to the support of:

Lowell Telecommunication Corporation LTC

Lowell Community Health Center LCHC

Doctor Rebecca Perkins, Boston Medical Center

Doctor David Rintell, Director Asociation Múltiple Sclerosis

Doctora Claudia Epelbaum, Director of the Latino Mental Health at Beth Israel Hospital

Doctor Pablo Hernandez, Director del South End Health Center

Doctor Antonio Aponte

The Samaritans of the Merrimack Valley

National Alliance of Mental Health (NAMI Latino)

AMSI Foundation

AHEC Merrimack Valley

Rafael Cotto, Latin Gastronomy

Hispanic Week in Lawrence

Lowell Folks Festival

Alfredo Velasquez, Musician

Grupo Maya Aj from Guatemala

Grupo Cultural Guatemaltecto Merrimack Valley

Colombian Commite of Merrimack Valley

Hope Dove, Inc. Lowell


Top Notch Scholars

Blueskies Wellness, Inc

Tercer Cielo

UTEC in Lowell, MA

Liga Roberto Clemente

Michelle Rivera North Shore Group Real Estate

Nicholas Lopez/New York Life Insurance

Diseños Betzy/Guatemala


Maya TV/Guatemala

Guatemala Counselor RI

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